Sports Car litter 2013′

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“Head turning RED, in a black & white world”

Showed up at  the racetrack of life on August 16, 2013

Ten High end sports cars, all red, each one unique in their own way.    Five females, Five males.  All beautiful.  Speeding around four paws on the floor.

Think RED, think fast, think not common place, but most of all think “so red hot they melt your heart”  How Cinnfully Sweet.

Ten for the road :)))

*Porsche (purple)

*Avanti (white)

*Tesla (yellow)

*Ferrari (green)

*Lamborghini (orange)

*Viper (brown)

*Lotus (black-dark blue)

*Shelby (plum-pink)

*Bugatti (aqua-blue)

*Aston (silver-grey)

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