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I have been owning and showing dogs for many years and never have I found such an amazing breeder! Cindy has spent years researching genetics and health of the Standard Poodle and her knowledge far surpasses any other that I have spoken with. The care that she provides to her puppies began years ago when she first started to develop her line with great concern regarding what genes, structure, temperament and health in her decision of which bitches and studs that would greatly improve and develop her breeding line into the direction in which she has strived for. Her bitches receive the best possible food and nutrition at all stages of their lives and she adjust their feed to the demands of pregnancy. Her babies are humanly babysat every single moment of their precious lives until they leave her arms and are personally handed over to their new family. Each baby receives hours and hours of holding, cuddling and playing with they are not just left in a kennel but grow and thrive in her home with her, her husband and family. The early exposer that she gives to her pups is nothing short of amazing…..all ethnics of humans, all noises possible, every possible thing that will have a lasting effect on your baby, sort of like imprinting them to the feel and sound of clippers, items dropping on the ground, balloons and articles flying over their heads, riding in a car ect ect. Each baby is weighed and measured daily from the moment they are born, she is proficient in caring for a newborn and spares no expense, effort or time that is required to assure the best for each little one. When your receive your new baby she will provide you with more than you could ever dream of, not just toys and beds but knowledge very valuable knowledge! Do I recommend her absolutely I recommend her, feel free to contact me and I will answer any question or concern you may have. I write with 100 percent conviction that you will not find anyone else like Cindy and the puppies that she breeds. Cindy’s ethics, integrity, knowledge, kindness and love for her Red Hot puppies is beyond reproach and the support and encouragement she provides for the life of each pup continues every single day of that puppies life. You are not just handed a pup and walk out the door being left all alone, she will be with you when ever needed so as you can see, you become a member of one of the greatest families ever: the family of CinnfullySweet!

Cyndy B



Cindy, we are in Santa Fe visiting friends with two dogs of their own this weekend. I wanted to update you about Pegasus’ grand adventure and say ‘thanks’ again. He just turned 5 months, and is growing fast, he’s just hitting 36 lbs, and is a handsome boy! This is Pegasus’ first long road trip, first time with other dogs in a household, first overnight stay away from home in a new place, first long road trip (7+ hrs each way), and first off-leash visit to an open space this weekend. We weren’t sure how that would all go. Can’t begin to tell you how WELL he has done on everything, he was A+++. He was quiet the entire car trip, a gentlemen with the other dogs, and a well behaved house guest and outdoor cafe pup. We were delighted to discover that he is so attached to us and wanting to be part of our ‘pack’ that he stayed with us the whole time in the park off leash.
He is a blessing to us, we adore him, he is precious. I have to thank you again and again for producing such a balanced and sweet boy for us. We saw firsthand all the time, care, and attention you and your husband put into all your pups, and it shows. Every day I am appreciative of all you did to make this fabulous relationship for me and Ray and Pegasus. He is simply the best! Thank you! I promise to post and take some pictures.


Cindy and Larry ,
You are the most amazing standard poodle breeders EVER !
We are so in LVE with our boy Lamborghini! (Half brother to all )
I wanted to personally tell all your new puppy parents how blessed they are and what an amazing journey they have ahead of them . Every day is so so so special .
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts ! 
Hugs to all especially those precious babies mmmmmmmuahhhhhh !


 Just want to say, after reading about other poodle puppy owners and some of their issues, Cindy, you are far and beyond the very best breeder ever. You put those little “sweet potato bundles” before all else, and unselfishly do the absolute right thing to give them the best chance in life, and the best chance for their forever owners to raise them correctly. I will never forget the puppy bed with mama’s scent on it and the list of 128 things to do before the pup is 16 weeks old. Not to mention the fact that you potty trained each everyone of those fur babies. Thank you from my sweet Barbossa and from me, from the bottom of our hearts. You (and Larry) rock!



 Cindy is INDEED amazing! Those pups are handled with love, exposed to family life, know what it’s like to be ‘clean’ even while still in the whelping box, fed super foods, touched with care and gentleness. That care and attention gives us all those Cinnfully SWEET pups! Cindy and Larry bring a wonderful sense of integrity and openness to puppy breeding – and who doesn’t love that puppy cam? (I’d never want to do what they did all those weeks!). Thank you!



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