Red Companion/Working/Performance poodles

Cinnfully Sweet Standards passed the AKC kennel inspection in August 2016 …   Yes I know we live in a home, not a kennel, and our canines are our pets and family members first and breeding canines second, but they have to call it something, so they call it a kennel inspection (FYI, a lot of the places they inspect ARE kennels, large operations, unlike us, who are very small), and we passed our inspection with flying colors.

Also at the beginning of 2016 Boo Boo Bear was able to, on her 6th month birthday, in her very first show, win breed, then group, making it all the way to best in show.  :)))   And on that same weekend she gained enough points and wins to receive her UKC Championship.    We ended 2016 with Boo Getting her UKC grand championship, winning a coveted reserve best in show to top it off.  She is now known as “Nat/Int, UGRCH RBIMBS Le Beaujolais Nouveau est arrive a Cinnfully Sweet”

We started 2017 out with Chai gaining her championship and that ever sought after reserve best in show.  She is now known as “Nat/Int, UCH RBIMBS CinnfullySweet Blazing Sedona Sunset”. Mid 2017 Cinnfully Sweet Standards moved to five beautiful treed acres in the NOR-CAL gold country.

Racer the first puppy born at Cinnfully Sweet Standards He is now a therapy dog working with his human to make others happy :)))

Racer, the first puppy born here, lived in Montana and was a therapy and agility dog.



Circe our Italian princess received her Diploma So proud of Rita and Circe



Our latest Champ. boo received her UKC champ certificate INT/NAT UCH ‘Le Beaujolais Nouveau est arrive a CinnfullySweet’


Cicre, our Italian princess, staring in a local newspaper, an article on dog shows

_MG_2719 copy

Nat/Int CH Le Beaujolais Nouveau est arrive a CinnfullySweet … Boo for short…


Le Beaujolais Nouveau Est Arrive a CinnfullySweet AKA Boo Boo bear on her 6 month birthday at her first UKC show. She got a group 1 yippee

Portrait 5 years old

CinnfullySweets first born “Racer”

Handsome Racer

Our first born puppy will always hold a special place in our hearts




“Rio” photo by Tristan Osborn


UKC Loomis CA show. Two breed wins, two group twos. YEA Kali!

UKC Loomis CA show. Two breed wins, two group twos. YEA Kali!

Some of our puppies are service dogs, a few are therapy dogs, and a couple of our puppies owners are braving the intense training and have agility dogs, we even have more than a few canine models, and several show dogs (Larue is momma to 5 UKC champions and 3 UKC grand champions, and grandmother to one grand champion and on champion…  so far.  I’m sure many more to come).

We are very proud of each and every one of our puppies!  Even if they are not titled on paper but titled in the loving companion department by their great families 


Bugatti photo by xxx



Cinnfully Sweet Ramblin Rose. “Rudy”. Art by Lucy dog designs


Barbossa Showing off Blue Steel

Barbossa photo by Byron Ellis



Circe, our show girl in Rome Italy



Larue library dog


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