Welcome to Northern California

Welcome to the home of Cinnfully Sweet Standard Poodles.  We are a small kennel, breeding and home raising puppies.  Our focus is on health and companionship.  My goal is to improve the breed.  I do this through extensive health testing, and only breeding my bitch to those kennels who believe that  health is the driver in the selection of a mate.  My puppies are born at my home, and I am there for the entire whelping process.  When the puppies are old enough, they are exposed to any and all sights, smells and sounds that are needed to properly socialize a puppy.  I hope you enjoy exploring my web pages

Now for a wee bit of “red” standard poodle history.

Before 1980 there were no red standard poodles.  Yes there was red in the miniature and toy varieties but not the standard size.  Shangri-la and Palmares kennels got together and crossed a small english apricot standard to an oversized red miniature.      The most known breeding for the red standard was “Follow the sun von shangri la” and “pal mares spice for shangri la”.

Following are a few kennels that have made a great impact on the red standard poodle.

Palmares Kennel.  Janet Blannin is no longer breeding and her husband gave the palmares name to another breeder.

Shangri-la kennel.  Ilse Kong passed away in October of 2005.  Melissa Muldry inherited shangri-la and continues with the kennel.

Majestic kennel.  Joan Mistkowski started with Shangri-la reds.  She passed away in 2009, her daughter took over the kennel and she too passed away in 2009

Leatherstocking kennel.  Barbara and Stratfod Deitch were successful in breeding top show quality standard poodles as well as therapy dog.

At this time there are many breeders trying to breed the ever beautiful deep red standard poodles that are conformationally sound enough to show, sweet enough to be therapy dogs, and smart enough to be hunters. I would like to think that my small kennel will do all that and more.

Red standard poodle



therapy & read dog


red standard poodle puppies

northern california


Lake tahoe

San Francisco





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2 Responses to Welcome to Northern California

  1. robert kamen says:

    my first standard was from Ilsa Konig. I got three friends poodles from her. My boy grew to 28 1/2 inches at the shoulder and weighted 85 lbs. He was my best friend. He died at six when he stomach turned over on itself.
    His coat was black with grey hairs, not particularly elegant. and his feet were a bit splayed. But was he ever smart.

    • LaRue says:

      I am oh so glad that our reds have nice tight feet, and are long legged elegant red heads.. :))
      We had a black/blue boy before we got the reds that was pretty, but had a ton of grey/white guard hairs also.
      I’m sorry to hear that your boy made an early departure as did our black/blue boy Cooper at age six. :((

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